Friday, October 22, 2010

What Makes a Red Mom Red?

I went to Costco today. I don't usually go there. But I'm getting tired of buying diapers and wipes almost every BULK it is! $150 later I have a total of 400 diapers, 900 wipes, and a full tank of gas!
As I was at the check out Logan started to "object" to something. Who knows what about, but of course Logan is VERY passionate and just screamed at the top of his lungs. Mycah started fussing because Dejah did something. Dejah said Mycah was trying to bite her. And Lexi was fussing in her seat. ALL EYES WERE ON ME! Oh I don't think I could have been more red when the check out lady says "oh boy". My thoughts exactly. I thought, when did this happen?? When did I become a Mom of four very young children? It snuck up on me really fast. I don't think anyone can really prepare for such a challenge.
Anyway, I rushed out of there as fast as I could and off to Carl's Jr. it was. Friends or not these kids needed to burn some of that energy. My Sister met me there. It really only took about 45 minutes and we were good to go.
I know I complain. And yes, they are a challenge. We spend most of our days here at home. Our adventures usually center the kitchen and living room. But even with all the poo, the tears, the whining, and constant need for food and entertainment, I LOVE THEM to bits!! I love Dejah's willingness to entertain the young ones. I love how Mycah can talk your ear off about nonsense when no one else is around. I love the way Logan runs across a room with his chunky bow-legs. I love Lexi's fat cheeks and finger toes. I wouldn't trade this challenge for anything. And to all you Moms out there who suffer with sleepless nights, busy husbands, and no time to yourself, YOU ROCK!


  1. These new pictures are super cute Anna! And I am glad to hear you got costco diapers and wipes. I really do feel like it's the way to go.

  2. That top picture is precious! I think mom's should wave when their kids are misbehaving. That's what I feel like doing sometimes. Waving as if to say hello, yes I am aware my children are out of control. Good times!