Monday, November 15, 2010

The Goings On Around Here

Last week the weather was BEAUTIFUL! We were at my parents house and of course the one thing the kids wanted to do most was to play in the leaves. Anyway here are a couple pictures my Dad took on his phone.

Today, I have two SICK babies. Logan and Lexi are both running fevers. Not quite sure why. Lexi is eating and sleeping fine. Logan is NOT eating....and well...the next two pictures show the rest.
He was not too happy about the "substitute blankey" but his NEEDED washed. Lucky for me the infant tylenol drops and baby motrin have helped. Unfortunately, when Logan isn't burning up and sleeping he is super fussy and high maintenance.
This last Saturday we did "Rake Up Boise" again. I'm not pregnant this year so I was able to actually help. I must say it was pretty hard. I REALLY REALLY REALLY need to start exercising and eating better!! Either this birth control pill is making me gain weight and be more hungry, or my age is finally catching up with me. Either way...I notice a change and I'm not liking it one bit!
Anyway, when we got home from that we cleaned our garage. That evening we took the kids to the mall and they got to see Santa Clause and tell him what they want for Christmas. It was the perfect time to be there...NO LINES!!...and the mall has THE BEST SANTA! Dejah can easily pick out the fakes :)
Sunday was the first day for me to go back to church for all three hours. I haven't been in THREE MONTHS!! Crazy! We have church at 9. Classes are first, then we end with Sacrament meeting. I have two babies. Logan is not quite old enough to attend nursery, and Alex teaches during class time..leaving me to chase Logan around the halls for two hours while also caring for the infant. To top this off, I'm still getting up at nights, so.... waking up early to get my kids fed, dresses on, hair done, baby fed, me showered with cute hair and make-up all by 8:50am (oh ya, all while the husband is off at early morning meetings)....IMPOSSIBLE! Ok, so I did it this last Sunday. Be proud :)


  1. I'm very proud! I don't have any babies and I was an hour late!

  2. I am way proud. I don't remember the last time I was on time for church. Shoot. I think they should just do away with 9 o'clock church. I know some people love it... but I am not a fan.

  3. I'm with you all the way, Anna. How is that some people seem to make it look so easy? Do they not sleep the night before, or what?!