Monday, January 10, 2011

Logan At Meal Time

Here is my fun, energetic, very chunky, 20 month old boy Logan! He is all boy. He is not my hardest child, but definitely keeps me the busiest. He almost always wants to be entertained. He LOVES going on drives with Alex! Especially if its in the truck. He loves his Grandpa! He loves his toys! Balls and Cars! He loves scooting around on his scooter. He loves swimming and refuses to let anyone touch him...kind of a pain since he can't swim. (thank you kiddie pool) He insists on a bath almost every morning (probably because he is the poopiest kid I know!!!). He is full of energy and makes a mess wherever he goes. Well, his newest and latest?......he thinks he needs to feed himself. I used to think I wouldn't mind so much but its almost more work to let him. I mean holy cow the mess he makes!!! My sister Melissa has carpet under her kitchen table and has three kids and can you believe she hasn't had a problem yet! Seriously EVERY meal leaves me with some serious clean up. Fun Times!

1 comment:

  1. Melissa doesn't have that problem because her children don't eat. :)