Friday, February 18, 2011


When I say "IT"....I mean....
MY Groove!
My Rhythm!
You know....."IT"

So you ask, "Whats this thing you are talking about, and what brought this on?".  Well, every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday morning, a bunch of moms in the area go down to the church to do Aerobics and Zumba.  My old friend Katie from way back in college happens to teach the Zumba class.  She's tried to convince me to come, but getting myself and my little ones loaded and there is not an easy task.  Not to mention...I am just way too tired.  My other friend Megan has also tried to convince me to come.  So today.....I broke down and went to Zumba.  

(Katie and I way back in the day)

So there I was.  All dressed in old dusty "work out clothes" (tshirt and old pregnancy comfies).  So Katie gets the music going.  LOUD!  PERFECT!  I love it!  I thought, "Ok ok, I got this...cuz....I've got rhythm.  How hard could this be?  Like riding a bike."  So there Katie is.  She starts movin' and groovin'.  I try to mimic the steps then WHOOOA!  "What the Heck?  C'mon Hips!  You got this.  Just do what the beautiful girl up front is doing!"  I then try to redeem myself and continue on.  I get my feet moving, and I could just picture myself wiggling around like a crazy person.  I glance over at Megan and just start laughing and was completely honest when I told her "I feel like a fool!".  Seriously?  My body hasn't moved like this in over 10 YEARS!  I thought I would catch on pretty quick....apparently not.  So have you ever watched "So You Think You Can Dance"?  I felt like one of those girls, walking up on the stage all confident in her "ability", the music starts, she starts moving.....but wait....WHAT THE HECK would you call that?????!  Dancing?  I think not.  The judges send her packing and recommending dance classes!  That is ME!  But!  I've had dance classes (of course it was a long time ago).  We used to go dancing all the time.  It was such a surreal moment watching Katie move!  It was seriously like I was transported back in time.  She hadn't aged a bit and was just as lively and energetic as the day I met her.  Then there I was, OLD.  My body forgot how to move.  Anyway, I know it is not a competition there and I'm sure all the Mom's in that gym all felt the same way at first.  I just had to share my experience.  Hopefully I will be able to go more often.  It was SO FUN! 
Here is Katie way back in the day showing off her moves to us.  We had some good times! 


  1. aw man, I dont even want to know what I would have looked like. More power to ya for taking all 4 kids and going. Keep it up!

  2. Hee, hee. I'm right there with you. I made it to Zumba once and the most exercise I got was laughing at myself.

  3. Ok cousin Sara wrote this comment, and i accidentally deleted it.

    "ha ha ha yeah, I know the feeling. I hope you can get the energy to get up and go back with your 4 kids. I get to go dance with a friend once a week and it is SO fun. keep it up and you will be dancing like you use to in no time :) "