Monday, March 7, 2011

Is She Ready?

I can't believe my little Lexi is nearly 7 months old!  With that you would think that she is sleeping through the night, rolling all over the floor, and well onto solid foods by now.  If you think "sleeping through the night means 8pm to 8am.....she isn't doing that.  However, she will go 8 hours and then she is ready for a bottle.  She is not rolling all over the place but can roll from her tummy to her back on accident.  Solids?  I have to admit, it has been a VERY hard step for me to take.  At four months she was absolutely Not ready.  At 6 months she still wasn't very interested.  Now she is almost 7 months and I am trying my hardest to teach her how to eat, but it takes FOREVER!  It is a HUGE mess!  She doesn't quite hold her head up very straight, so I find myself pushing up on her head to shove a spoonful of slop into almost pinched lips.  So frustrating.  I am desperate for her to go longer hours between feedings, but I'm pretty sure it won't happen until she is getting more solids. Anyway, you would think because she is my fourth kid, I would have this DOWN.  I'm afraid I just don't know what to do other than keep trying and not to worry too much about amounts.  So for now, I guess I will just keep practicing when I can, and hope she will get it soon so that I can get longer sleep at night.  If anyone has advice I'm all ears.  Maybe I should just skip the purees all together and see if she likes little pieces of bread or tiny chunks of veggies.  Is she too young for that??


  1. Definitely not too young for that. If she will take it then let her. They have like fat Graham cracker type things in the baby food aisle you can let her go to town on. Bananas, bread, cereal in her bottle, and then just keep trying! Make it a goal of a few teaspoons of baby food a day. She will get the hang of it. Good luck!

  2. Id go for big whole foods that she can pick up herself. Once she connects that what is on her tray tastes good - you can start putting little things down for her to eat. Spencer was a slow learner with the spoon it seemed like - but hes a champion now! For a long time I would cut up big long strips of cucumber (cut seeds out) and before he had teeth he would gnaw on those! Just watch to be sure they dont get a chunk out of it. But you can even freeze them for a few minutes and it doubles for an excellent teether.
    Have you seen those mesh food thingys at the store? You can put anything in there and baby wont choke. They just chew on it all they want and little things get smooshed out through the mesh. Then you can seriously throw in grapes, banana, strawberries, green beans, whatever.
    And the only trick to the spoon is practice. Do one feeding at the same time every day and she will get it in no time.

  3. I would try giving her bits of everything. Isn't funny how dumb we get between kids! For the life of me I can't remember when my other 2 got teeth!

  4. We've done frozen waffle sticks, they can't bite off as much because it's frozen, but they knaw on it pretty good. There is nothing wrong with just skipping the pureed foods all together. Good luck!