Saturday, April 2, 2011

Day ONE: 15 Facts About Me?

Fact#1:  I Hate cooking. However I don't mind the occasional baking of cookies, brownies, pie....something sweet :)

Fact#2:  I Still sleep with my baby blankey.  I know I know....go ahead and start laughing.

Fact#3:  I can't STAND cats!  Sorry to you cat lovers.  The rubbing of the fur on my pant leg.  The cat hair that ends up on all pieces of clothing.  And most of all....the (maggot-infested) poop that INFESTS  my poor helpless flower beds.  Oh ya, did I mention that I don't even own a cat?

Fact #4:  I have been going gray since I turned twenty.  I have to keep up on the hair color.  It can get pretty scary.

Fact#5:  I am not crafty in the slightest.  I am surrounded by very crafty friends that can make everything from jewelry, decorations, clothing, sewing projects, ect....  I wouldn't even know where to begin.  I can paint though :)

Fact#6:  I like LONG hair.  I have tried long and curly (80's style).  Short and curly.  Short and straight.  Mid-length....many many times.  I am sticking with long.

Fact#7:  I LOVE to wake-board! Summer is my season, and water is where its at.  If I didn't love Idaho so much I'd probably move to Arizona.

Fact#8:  I married UP!  Alex is the greatest Husband, Father, Boyfriend.......(you name it) a girl could ask for!

Fact #9:  I LOVE eating out.  I think this all goes back to not liking to cook.

Fact#10:  I Love Love Love to dance!  Unfortunately, becoming a mother has changed my ability to do this.  I discovered Zumba and I've been revived :)

Fact#11:  I have a bit of a temper.  Only those who are super close to seen it.  Lack of sleep and lack of food will contribute greatly.

Fact#10:  I am opinionated.  However I don't always share my opinion. Many times I will just lock it inside to avoid conflict.

Fact#11:  I am a loyal friend.

Fact #12:  I am frugal.  I go shopping.  I see something I want really really badly....then I sigh and walk away because it isn't a Need.

Fact#13:  I can sing.  I'm not American Idol, but I think I'm pretty good.  I'm also pretty sure most people I associate with now don't know my musical side, but once upon a time it used to be my LIFE.

Fact#14:  I HATE being pregnant.  I LOVE what came out of being pregnant :)

Fact#15:  I Love Hoodies!  If you know know this fact for sure because I am almost always wearing one.

I just realized that I can't count either :/   Oops.


  1. LOL!! I think fact #18 is my absolute favorite!! I read them all and didnt even notice! Once I saw that I had to go back and check and I died laughing!! :) that was great!

  2. yeah I didn't notice either. LOL. Love it. And I'm totally in the same boat with no.9 love eating out, hate cooking when children are screaming they're hungry...and then you get it all done and all they want is PBJ.....

  3. We have a lot of the same facts!

  4. I HATE cats too. Not only do I hate them, I'm totally scared of them. I have had more nightmares about cats than any other thing. Hate them!