Wednesday, April 20, 2011


I don't know what my deal is lately.  I'm usually pretty diligent at keeping up with my blog.  I wish I had fabulous things to post about but you'll just have to settle for some day-to-day stuff ;)

Speaking of day-to-day.....I am supposed to be at kickboxing this morning and I just don't want to.  I guess my biggest issue is my kids.  Logan has a SCREAMING fit every time I try to get him to go into the nursery room...that is IF there is a volunteer that day.  Anyway, I've been just taking them into the gym with me and having them sit along the wall with snacks and a couple toys, but Logan has been really making it hard.  He doesn't want to sit still for long.  I guess I can't blame him....He's almost two.  Anyway, this just confirms to me that we WILL be getting a family pass to the work out center here in Kuna sometime soon.  Maybe when school starts up for the fall.

I feel like I have been Super busy.  Doing what?  Kids.  House.  I'm pretty insane on having a clean house, but I'm gonna be honest, it is Constant work.  You can have it super clean but it can get messy pretty quick.  Dishes are a constant.  Probably because I feed kids around the clock.  Breakfast, Baby Bottle, Me, Baby Food, mid morning snack, lunch, bottle again, baby food get the idea.

I have been going through the kids things and getting rid of toys.  Its kinda sad, because I really love some of those toys.  But lets be honest.  We have VERY little space.  Only 1/2 of them really get played with.  The other 1/2 of them just get dumped out, or they are stored away because I don't want little pieces laying around my house.  So, its time to simplify. 

We have been getting a few glimpses of Spring.  I wish it would just get here already!  Anyway, one of the things we love doing as a family are bike rides.  Last summer I was pregnant, the summer before that Logan was a tiny newborn.  So we didn't get to bike.  Saturday we got all the bikes fixed up and spend a couple hours on the Greenbelt.  Alex pulled the babies in the trailer.  I had Mycah in a bike seat behind me.  Dejah rode with her training wheels.  It was Beautiful out!  We had a great time.

After our bike ride, we went to my nephew's 1st Birthday Party.  The kids had a really good time. 
Here is my brother and his little Birthday Boy. 

Logan is So Dang Cute!

I haven't had a chance to go out for a girls night for a few weeks now and I'm really feeling it.  There is just something about getting out with friends that is revitalizing!  Alex's evenings were SUPER crazy for a while there.  School will be over soon, so I'm hoping things will settle down.

Well, that's it for today. :)

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  1. wow, I thought going grocery shopping was bad with kids, I can't imagine taking them to the gym. though kickboxing does sound like a lot of fun. also, you've made me really want to go on a family bike ride, we'll just have to buy some training wheels.