Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Oh What Do You Do In The Summertime...

We have been so lucky to have such good friends with access to a pool.  On top of that, it is free :)
Here is Dejah with a couple of her friends.

When they aren't swimming...they are Eating.

Thanks Analee (left), Hillary (right), and Megan (not shown) for always inviting us to come.
(who's that kid with the Pepsi?)

We have a couple other favorite pools.
The problem with public pools are their crazy hours!  So we can't go until 7. 
Here are the kids at the Meridian pool.

Logan was quite the little fish that evening!  It was so funny. I kind of wish I had gotten a little video.

Getting my "cancer" on.

Alex, his brother Gabe, and Dejah went to the deep side for a while.

I am so bummed that summer break is almost at its end!  Here's to good times.

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  1. Super duper fun! My kids are fish as well! (Not Burke yet, but he's not terrible) You look hot btw!