Wednesday, July 13, 2011


The question really is......HOW did I EVER have the time to Blog??  Summer came and BAM!  NO BLOGGING.  What the heck?  Anyway, I am sacrificing my time to relax tonight to do some SERIOUS catching up.  I've spent the last hour or so just downloading pictures (There's a bunch).

This summer has been a busy one.  Alex went to Kansas for a week.  The following weekend he went on a backpacking trip with my Sisters' Husbands.  This last weekend we went to Arco.  This coming weekend Alex will be going back to Arco with his brother.  We still have two camping trips planned in a couple weeks.

During the weeks Alex works Tues. Wed. Thurs and gets up at 6 and is lucky to be home by 6.  He pretty much gets home just in time to eat and say goodnight to the kids.

I've been spending a lot of my time just hanging out with friends.  It seems like when I stay home I just can't sit still.  There is ALWAYS laundry, bathrooms, bedrooms, yard work, ect... So I like to get out of here when I can.  Mostly we just sit by the pool.  I've also taken the kids to Bounce, The Meridian Pool, the Natatorium, and to the Lake.  Can you tell we like water?

Speaking of the Lake.....Dejah tried to knee-board.  It was hard and she didn't really get it.  The next time she tried to ski and succeeded!  Yay!  She wasn't up long, but she tried twice and got better the second time.  I just LOVED that.  She was so brave.

Last night I had 14 tickets to Roaring Springs for night (8-11).  I gave 5 to my sister, 4 to Alex's brother Hart, 2 to his other Brother Gabe, 2 to a friend, and then 2 for Alex and I.  I've never been able to just go to the water park and not worry about my kids.  It was so fun!  Gabe's wife Christy had to bail out early due to a sick baby, so Gabe, Alex and I all hit the slides.  Good times!

Folks...four little kids is WORK!  I feel like a walking tornado wherever we go.  We come with force, full of noise and destruction.  It is fun, but watch out.  I'm pretty convinced I cannot have ANY MORE.  Lexi is now mobile and more than willing to eat anything in her path.  Logan is a CRAZY two year old that wants tons of attention and gets in EVERYTHING.  He can also punch a MEAN SCREAM that will leave you momentarily deaf.  Mycah is quite accident prone so you'd think she'd be used to it, but NOPE, if she sees Red she looses her cool.  Dejah, she's pretty easy, I'd totally DIE without her, however, she is a Party Animal!  She wants to play with freinds from sun up to sun down and asks me every night what our plan is for the next day.  Funny kids.

Well, enjoy the pictures and posts, good luck if you can make it through them all!


  1. Anna you're alive! Few, I was worried;)haha I'm so jealous you are having quite the event filled summer, super fun. You look hot as always:)

  2. A waterpark WITHOUT kids?!! Now that is what I'm talkin about, how fun!!! I know how you feel when you go somewhere, I swear I hear employees at food places sigh relief when we head out the door. And I just can't wait to be pregnant with my fourth and have my kids running around out of control and see the stares and whispers of others thinking why the crap am I having another?! Haha, the joys!!