Thursday, August 18, 2011

Lexi at One Year

So last night I had just finished bathing my three older kids, and decided that Lexi should get a little turn by herself in the tub.  There are some downsides to being the number four baby in the family.  Less Mommy time.  (Mostly because the two year demands most of it).  If you are hungry, sit in your high chair and feed yourself.  And no fun bath time.  At lest not very often.  Anyway, I drained the kids yucky water and re-filled it just for her.  In she went.  All by herself.  All the splashing and moving around a baby deserves.  And she was LOVING it.

My little Lexi is such a sweet baby.  I really can't believe she is already one.  She is so tiny and petite.  Those cheeks outweigh the rest of her body.  She has brown eyes and thin wispy hair that curls around the back of her ears.  Her ears are totally mismatched.  The one on the right is smashed at the top corner and it sticks out further than the left.  She still hasn't cut ANY teeth.  In Utero she got some of my Mommy hormones and came out with a little "rack".  On top of that she also got a herniated umbilical chord, so she will probably have an "outie".  She is crawling all over the place and getting more confidence pulling herself up, but she will not even try to take steps without someone holding both of her hands.  She sleeps great.  She LOVES whole milk so much more than that icky formula and will down a bottle pretty quickly now.  I just have to say with all her little "imperfections", she is absolutely Perfect in Every Way!  I love her to bits!  I am so blessed to have her and I am loving every minute.


  1. She really does have just the sweetest little face. I love that all your kids look so different, but so much alike;)