Thursday, August 11, 2011

Redfish, Hell's Canyon, and oh...My Birthday

Lots and Lots of Pictures

Last week was Camping Week.
Sunday through Wednesday Alex and the girls went on his family's annual Redfish trip.  
I guess they had a great time.  Of course no pictures.

On Wednesday they came home and we unpacked then repacked for our trip to Hell's Canyon the next morning.  Thursday morning we were off to another camping/SKI/Wakeboarding trip.
And HERE are the Pictures:
(ps. no pictures of the boating, its way too hard to get them when you are watching kids)

This is what Lexi will do to you if you lay on the ground.
Here she is clawing my Mom's eyes out.

She was not too excited about touching the Lake water.  But it was SO hot outside and I thought she would like to cool off.
 It was my 33rd Birthday.  My Mom made me a cake and gave me a ticket to go to the Michael Buble' concert with her. :)

SO!  What do you do when you have babies who need naps when it is HOT HOT HOT???  Way too HOT for a tent???  Think Think.  Well here is my "invention".  Lucky for us, Hell's Canyon has Hook Ups and plenty of shade.
I will tell you this SAVED US.  And boy did those two babies of mine need naps!  Late nights, early mornings, it was unavoidable.  My little family has outgrown our little tent so I borrowed another one from my Sister and we split up into two tents at night.  It worked out great.
Here is our setup.  Shades all across and tarp all across.  This helps so the little ones can crawl around while avoiding the HOT DIRTY asphalt.
The Kids and Grandpa.

Oooh La La
Question:  What is THAT?
Answer:  Yucky old pine cone
Sneaky baby ;)
The kids LOVED to boat, but they also LOVED the Beach.

How do we have Cream Dream on the last day of camping???
We tow a refrigerator/ freezer up with us.  This helps cut way back on all the Ice Chests.

Here is Lexi on our way home.

And this is what someone looks like after camping Sunday through Sunday!

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