Sunday, September 25, 2011

It all started the weekend of BSU's big opening game against the Georgia Bulldogs.  I wanted to have friends and family come party with us, but as it has been in our house for the last 8 years....we had this!
Looks fun huh?  Lets go to the Beal home and watch the Big game on a 32" old school tube tv!...(or stay home).  So I thought, well my brother has an HGTV he isn't using, maybe he'll let me borrow it.  He did.  I got it home and it was no bigger than the one we already had.  So after much discussion Alex and I decided it was time for an upgrade.  Only one problem.  We have TWO TV's in serious need of an upgrade.  The top on my priority list was our bedroom TV.  I have been wanting to mount a flat screen HD TV on the wall so I could put my treadmill in my room.  It was a debate.  We settled on buying a new one for the living room.  As we were out looking for possibly TWO tv's, I got a phone call from my brother telling me we could HAVE his.  He said it was a little glichy and he didn't want it.  Whaaa!??  SOLVED!  So we inherited this:
And that day we purchased THIS!:

 Of course, what happens when you make a big splurgy purchase??  Something Breaks.  That was my VACUUM!  ON the SAME DAY!  Well, after my horrible Kirby experience (not the vacuum that broke, just the one I returned because I was succored into spending WAY too much), I've decided my next vacuum would be the Dyson.  But how do I justify spending $500 on a vacuum when I just bought a new TV.  Well, I go lower.  After some shopping around I ended up buying this:

Believe it or not, for a $200 vacuum, I am NOT disappointed.  It works amazingly and I am totally disgusted every time I dump it.  Anyway...we are loving our TV's and our new vacuum.


  1. What kind of vaccuum is that? It looks a lot like my Dyson honestly. We're gonna have to come check out your TV's. Parker has been talking about up-grading ours for a long time. The HD tv in our living room was FREE when we bought the house. He says we should put it in our room and buy a new one. He's right of course.....but I have OTHER priorities. Funny how you me AND melissa hadn't bought new TV's like......ever. All of us were watching the old "tube". I guess it shows what we feel is important. :) But I'm glad you finally stepped out of the box. We're not far behind you I'm sure.

  2. Wow!! Your brother has an HGTV?!? how do I get me one of those??! :)
    Congrats on joining this decade and being able to have game parties now. :) and yay for your new vacuum!! Sometimes it's so satisfying being thoroughly disgusted when you clean!