Monday, October 24, 2011

The "NEW" Garbage Can

Logan, Logan, Logan.  You are two.  That's the only way to describe it.  Screaming for fun.  Screaming cuz you're mad.  The constant need for Mommy to talk to you.  What ever it thing is for sure....IT IS WORK.  When we take a drive anywhere, all I hear behind me is, "Mom?  Mommm?  MOOOM!!!".  My reply every time, "What Logan".  Then you point out the nearest tractor, truck, boat, cow and tell me ALL about it.  Then you repeat the "MOM" with another topic,  "Grandpa?"  "Grandma?"  "Daddy?"  Today after your nap you wanted a snack.  So I give you a snack bag of mini chips ahoy cookies.  When you are done I say, "Go put it in the Garbage".  "Buh chijj?" (That is how he pronounces it)  I point to the kitchen.  You point to the bathroom.  I figure you just want to throw it away in a different garbage.  Then I hear it.....FLUSH!  Nooooo!  Not AGAIN!  For some reason (lets just say its because you are TWO) your current obsession is flushing anything and everything down the toilet!  Do I need to get a lock for that too?  Of course, unhappy Mommy results in a tantrum (which had to be done outside since baby sister was TRYING to sleep).  Oh the joys of motherhood ;)

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