Saturday, December 31, 2011

Christmas Day

Sorry, no pictures.  I have some on video, but I find it hard to take a time out for a photo op.  Anyway, Christmas morning was pretty typical.  It was on a Sunday so I had to get up extra early to shower and get ready for the day so that we wouldn't be late for church.  Since I am the choir Director I had a few things to do for our program.  Anyway the older girls woke up first.  They were so excited that Santa Came.  Of course all they wanted to do was just start ripping the presents open.  I finished getting ready then we woke up Logan.  I left Lexi in bed.  I mean, she is 1.  We didn't really get her anything cuz honestly she doesn't even know.  So anyway, we did the present thing.  Our biggest gift is Roaring Springs passes!  We are all so excited for our summer.  I know I am.  Anyway, Church was amazing!  The choir did such an awesome job.  I can't believe what our Ward produced.  After church we went to my Mom's.  She had a nice dinner ready and we ate while we waited for the rest of the crowd to show up for gifts.  Now onto the "funniest"...not so funny moment.  While we were all sitting and enjoying dinner, I had put Logan in the living room with a movie.  He seemed completely content with that because he was so quiet.  When I went to check on him I found out WHY he was so content.  Picture this.... 2 year old boy, in room with all the wrapped Christmas presents, left to himself..... let your imagionation run wild....yes...he opened ALL OF THEM!!!  I was so TICKED!!!  Anyway, that was pretty much it.  We exchanged our opened gifts then came home and relaxed for the rest of the evening.  Good times.

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