Monday, December 26, 2011

Getting Ready For Christmas 2011

So Alex and I have been wanting to do a little "service" for some people at church.  Alex's idea was Sugar Cookies.  I've never actually made them before, so I wasn't sure how big that job would actually be.  Turns out..... ITS HUGE!!!!  Ugh.  Yes you see a smile on my face but I was pretty stressed out.  I had a couple extra kids to help me that evening.  We ended up ordering a pizza and my friend Analee came to save the day and help me get them finished.

I'm pretty sure I will NEVER make those again.


  1. I've done sugar cookies for santa for the past 2 years...and I ALWAYS VOW I'll never do it again. Only I've just bought a package of cookie mix and then done it that way. And I think THAT'S too hard. I'd rather have a fluffy chocolate chip any day.

  2. Oh by the way....peppermint bark is ALWAYS a good stand-by for christmas treats to give away. It is SO EASY and you can do it in the microwave. All you need is chocolate chips and candy canes...and it tasts delicious!