Thursday, January 12, 2012

"Fat Guy In A Little Coat"

....."I'll MAKE IT FIT!".....  Well, that is EXACTLY how I have been feeling with this Upside-down House of ours.  I know I know.  I've probably blogged about this a million times already.  I've probably complained about it more than that.  I should also just be grateful that we Have a house and that we can afford it right??
A couple weeks ago I was thinking about how I will handle having teenagers in this small space and the stress began to be overwhelming.  I thought about the bedrooms.  They are TINY.  The biggest bed you can fit in each room is a twin.  I have FOUR kids.  This means Bunk Beds are the ONLY option.  Now as teenagers I will probably need to have the three girls together and Logan by himself.  I can't imagion Lexi and Logan trying to change their clothes in the same room or even have any privacy... which means the only option for the girls' room is a Tripple stack bunk bed.  Now the closet thing is already difficult.  I can't even begin to know what I will do when they are bigger!  Anyway, the list goes on.  Alex and I seem to always be in constant discussion about it.  The question is What To Do???  We can't sell it.  It would have to be a short sell.  Can we qualify?  Technically..."hardship" has to be proven...and outgrowing a house doesn't really count.  Not to mention, it dings your credit, and then you have to rent for several years.  With the current cost of rent, we would end up paying the same or more than what we do on our mortgage for the SAME size house (making it difficult to save for a down payment). 
Ok, there is a program that is supposed to help people who are upside-down on their mortgage get approved for refinance.  Our house doesn't qualify.  We are deeper in our house than what is allowed.  At this point we've just resolved to STAY and PAY.  Hopefully our income will get better over the years enough to pay it down, and save enough to buy another house and turn this into an income property.  Or we might be able to add on.  Anyway, wouldn't it just be nice if we could sell it straight across for what we owe, and just be able to buy a different house?  Whatever.  So here are some things I've don to combat the tinyness that we've outgrown.
Closet Doors??.....GONE!
It started in the Girls' room.  We have to fit the most "stuff" in there.  Removing the closet doors allowed for us to put in a little dresser at the end of the bunk bed.  There is a dresser in the closet and also one on an adjacent wall.

This worked so well in the Girls' room that I decided to do it with Logan's.  It is so much more functional!

Next Project:  Find a place to put the treadmill so it can be used.  However it CANNOT go in Logan's room. And it CANNOT go in the living room...(that is already our office, entertainment, and kitchen area).  I have really wanted to put it in our room, but there is NO WHERE for it to go.  When I was thinking about the kids closets I realized I could get the treadmill in one side of our Master Bedroom Closet if I were to take the doors off.  It would also require someone giving up their side of the closet.  Of course that had to be me.  First off, it was my idea.  Alex would rather just put it in the living room.  Talk about an eye sore!  Anyway, I don't really need a lot of hanging room as long I have the dresser and night stand.  So Yesterday I spent almost the entire day gutting everything and reorganizing space for the treadmill.  And here it is today!


Question??  Would you hang some kind of curtain in that space or just leave it as is?



  1. Very Creative! Would you be able to rent your house out? Then you could maybe rent a bigger one? We have some friends that did that.

  2. I kinda thought about that option, but Alex isn't a big fan of renting in the first place. Also we would have to pay quite a bit more to rent the space we need. So... It makes me just "tolerate" what we have. However, in the future, something will have to change.

  3. I think you could put a curtain up like you did in the other rooms, or not. It's up to you. It would be cuter with a curtain for sure. As far as the house goes, you have quite a few years before they will be teenagers. Who knows where the market will be then, so it's not really worth stressing about now right?

  4. Anna- I have a couple ideas for you. First of all- as the kids get older, you should think about making them SHARE a bed. Maybe a FULL size. Remember Bishop Ray? ALL OF HIS KIDS shared beds, and they had a HUGE house. Also- I don't think putting Logan and Lexi together is such a bad idea. I shared a room with David until I was eleven.

  5. Friend, you'd be surprised what you can do to short sell your house. Growing a larger family means more diapers, groceries bills etc. This alone is considered a "hardship". You should have Alex talk to Steve, he deals with short sells, if you really are interested. I completely understand your situation and I only had 2 kids and couldn't fit in our house in Kuna. (I suppose we didn't have a garage, but still:)