Thursday, April 26, 2012

Here's to Good Health and Energy!

I feel like I'm always the last person to jump on the band wagon.  This one happens to be the "Green Smoothie".  I have been working out in the mornings.  With this new change of pace for me, I am actually hungry in the mornings.  Typically I never eat breakfast.  And if I do it is usually a bowl of sugary cereal.  Anyway, I started the P90X workouts. I am not an overachiever though.  I know for me when things get hard, I quit.  My goal is still three days a week for exercise. I am not committing entirely to P90X.  So if I have a day when I just want to do the treadmill, then I will.  Anyway, back to the breakfast thing.  I am not a big fan of breakfast foods, so I decided to just try a green smoothie.  I LOVED LOVED LOVED it!  There is no going back for me!  My favorite so far calls for an Orange. 4-5 Strawberries.  1/2 Banana. 1/3 C of Fat Free plain GREEK Yogurt.  And TWO handfuls of spinach.  So yummy.  I have tried several different mixes.  Some were not so good.  Anyway, it kind of makes me want to make a "green smoothie" blog so I can keep track.  Today I used some ground flax seed, it wasn't too bad, but I think I'll use a little less next time.  I will be honest.  I notice a HUGE difference in my energy levels in the morning.  I love it.


  1. Yay! I would love to read your smoothie blog if you make one!

  2. I am glad you are writing these posts! I have been doing p90x as well. Or attempting to. I did it all before I even had kids and now am in DESPERATE need to lose weight and get healthy. And I have such a hard time with just my two kids trying to squeeze in workouts and you have four! And I get so down on myself when I miss some work outs. Which workouts do you do the three days a week? Because I think that is going to be my new goal for these workouts since they are long and tiring-three instead of trying to do six! Thanks for posting! :)