Friday, April 13, 2012

Meltdown at Kindergarten Registration

So you are probably picturing one of my kids just throwing a big ol' tantrum while at Mycah's Kindergarten registration.  I kinda wish THAT was true.  Nope.  The  meltdown was mine.

Backup a few days:  Monday I got my very 1st I.U.D.  Tuesday I felt awful.  I ate crap all day (as usual) and I just wanted to be in bed all day watching T.V. (wish I coulda' actually done that)  It was a bad day.  I decided that starting Wednesday I was going to kick myself in the butt and stop eating junk.  Wednesday came.  I was motivated.  I started my day eating plain oatmeal with strawberries and blueberries.  I made a goal with some friends not to eat ANY sugar for the next 21 days (not including fruit). To top that off I also decided I wanted to give P90X a whirl.  So I borrowed the videos from my Sister In Law Amanda.  I finished my day with success.  I didn't eat anything crappy and NO sugar!

Welcome Today.

I was up at the usual 7am.  I got Dejah up and ready for school.  Made lunch.  Fed the kids their chocolate milk.  Drove Dejah to school.  Got home and feed the kids their breakfast.  During this time is when I decided to try the 1st P90X video.  If you don't know what that is, it is basically a really extreme workout regiment that is supposed to transform your body in 90 days.  It is 7 days a week.  An hour a day.  There is more to it than that, but I just wanted to do my best when I can.  Probably not every day.  So about 10 to 15 minutes into the video I was getting really tired.  It was kicking my butt.  I literally had to shut it off after 40 minutes.  I quickly ate some healthy breakfast then jumped in the shower so I wouldn't show up to Kindergarten Registration covered in stinky sweat. I put on some sweats, and tied a wet braid in my hair.  Then I threw my kids in the car and grabbed the "necessary" paperwork.  When I get there I unload the mega stroller.  Put the kids in it.  Stroll in and hand them my papers....... The ladies take the papers and look at me and say "Sorry, this proof of address won't work.  We need a utility bill or a tax assessment."  Just then I feel the emotions come up in me.  First off....most ALL of our bills are paid online! husband does the bills! husband is unavailable (this is his most busy week of the year so I almost don't even see him let alone get a chance to talk to him).  Not sure what to do.  I walked out with my kids and mega stroller in tow.  I get home.  Shut off the car and leave them in there so I can try to find something.  After a 1/2 hour of bawling and sifting through papers I get a hold of Alex.  He wasn't sure how I would get a utility bill stub, but we got it figured out.  I print one off and head back to registration.  This time my face is RED from crying and I hand them the papers.  Of course I get a bit upset at them.  I think the whole "utility bill" thing is S.T.U.P.I.D!!!  Why not just accept two or more other proofs of address??  Anyway, as I am telling them this I start crying...again.  What a mess, I just wanted to get out of there.  There are several stations to go to.  Of course Logan and Lexi were being 100% rotten.  Logan kept standing up in the stroller and pulling on the umbrellas and digging his feet into Lexi's back.  Lexi decided she didn't want to be satisfied with crackers and lost her cool and started crying and wanting me to hold her. Mycah needed to go to the bathroom.  I was up to my elbows with stacks of paper I was being handed.  I filled them out while holding Lexi in one arm.  Logan got out and started running around.  Then he threw off his shoes then his socks.  Then he would come scream at me to let him have a chair that another kid was sitting in.  Of course lets not forget I was trying to talk to the lady at the nurses station about Mycah's bladder issues and her immunizations.  Can I just say to those Moms who were all sitting there filling out their paper work (child free) with their make up on and hair done...I totally understand why you were looking at me like that.  I was so glad to get out of there.  Now I am home.  I am sore.  All I want is a large Dr. Pepper and some hot chocolate chip cookies with pizza.  But nope, I blog and munch on a little handful of almonds.  Is it seriously noon??


  1. I am so sorry! :( But, way to stay true to your healthy goals - I totally would have broken the rules :). Which is why I am NOT in shape. :(

  2. I am sorry!! That sucks. I would have cried too. I probably would have given up and not even gone back to the school. You are brave! I hope things look up! And eating healthy sucks too, I know! :)