Tuesday, September 4, 2012

August 13 Lexi turned 2!

I swear I say this every birthday but where does the time go!?  On August 13th my little baby Lexi turned two years old.

 Somehow my little girl is OBSESSED with Buzz!!!!  (I'm gonna throw in a guess and say it was her big brother Logan's fault)  Anyway, she LOVES Buzz and Woody, and pretty much all things Toy Story.  Since her birthday is one week after mine, my Mom made me this fabulous german chocolate cake and we decorated it for Lexi's birthday.  My Mom slaved a whole day on this Toy Story quilt for Lexi.


Just a few things about my little girl.  She is definitely a Mama's girl.  If we go anywhere she pretty much thinks she needs to be attached to my hip at all times.  With that being said, she does love her Daddy and generally won't complain if he takes her instead.  She loves her siblings and will totally let Dejah entertain and take care of her.  You would think because she and Logan are so close in age that she might get bullied by her brother, but this girl and hold her own and they play together really well.  Somehow this girl got blonde hair, I did pray for it ;)  Actually her Daddy had WHITE hair as a kid so that must be it.  I love it though.  She is my baby and I love her to pieces.  Happy Birthday Lexi!

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