Saturday, April 12, 2008

Tipping The Scales

I'm sure all of us at some point in time have some sort of weight issue. Weather it is being underweight or overweight, we have all been there. Well, I am turning 30 in August which means no more free rides on the "weight train". My own personal struggle with weight may seem to some, "slim", but I guarantee you I have had my literal ups and downs. Right now my goal isn't so much a weight in numbers as it is my health. In my opinion, my darling husband whom I love has lost his "free ride on the weight train", and has some recovery work to do. Check out the Photos!

Here I am, weighing in the most I've ever weighed. This was on my mission in Oregon. We were fed VERY well there. I only reached this weight again when I was full-term pregnant with my second baby.

On the flip side of things. I weighed the least I've ever weighed after my first Baby Dejah. I was sick in bed for three weeks and couldn't eat. Not to mention the "nursing" factor that sucks all the nutrients from your body to produce breast milk. Lets just say I haven't weighed that since I was in Middle School. I have currently platoed at a comfortable mark and really want to get in shape and get healthy.

Now for Alex. It seems to me that when those Beal boys leave home they go crazy on eating bad foods because their Mom is such a health nut. Alex tells me he was always hungry and to get goodies they had to go to their Grandma's house. I can't get Alex to eat vegetables very often. Well here is a picture of Alex just ten years ago.

I agree with Alex that this is a bit too skinny, but here is an idea of what he looked like. Next is a picture of Alex and Gabe ten years ago.
Well Folks there you have it! Time to get our rear ends in gear and get healthy! My goal is August 5th, and I think Alex wants to start seeing a change by June.


  1. That's a funny post. I am the same as you. I weighed the same in college as I did when I was full term with baby Corbin. Chubby bunny. I hope to not see those numbers again until baby number 2.