Thursday, May 15, 2008

"I Love Lucy"

Success! Last night I was able to leave the girls with Alex and I got to go shopping. My friend Tiffany from Laramie Wyoming was in town so she came with me. It was so nice having some time away from the girls. I had a pretty successful trip, but I'm not quite finished. Tonight is Alex's night. He went golfing. So the girls and I have been sorting through toys and putting some away. We also enjoyed getting outside for a bit. The funniest event of the day was while I was putting Mycah in bed I left the T.V. on "I love Lucy". Dejah sat down to watch it and when I came out she was cracking up. She thought it was so funny. I asked her if she wanted to watch something else and she didn't. It was so funny. Anyway, here are some pictures of my girls today.


  1. I love the pictures of the girls...what a couple of cuties!!

  2. Oh, the power of Lucille Ball... I'm glad you got to go shopping and were able to find some cute new clothes. Your last post sounded SO familiar -- I don't have kids but I still give up sooner than later!

    Very cute pictures of the girls. They sure are sweet!

  3. Dejah's a smart girl! There's not a lot that can top I Love Lucy...It's one of my all time favorites!! My favorite episode is vitameatavegiman...say that five times fast!!