Sunday, June 15, 2008

Alex the Daddy

The Top Ten Things that make Alex the Best Daddy in the Whole world!
1. Patient! Oh my goodness, he has me trumped on this one. I have so many times when I feel overwhelmed with the fussing. Alex is always so patient with the girls and never yells at them. He always steps up when the girls are getting to me.
2. Playful. Last night before prayers the girls just wanted to play with him. He let them crawl all over him while giggling and having a great time. He is so good about getting the girls out for fun times.
3. Loving. As much as he teases, I know that he loves us.
4. Sense of Humor. Sometimes I take things too seriously. He can always lighten the mood with his laugh.
5. Takes Time. One of the biggest reasons Alex has not sought a job that payed more money is because he wants to have time to spend with us.
6. Thoughtful. Sometimes when I need some time to myself he is very willing to let me go out while he spoils the girls by taking them to ice cream and toys.
7. Testimony. Because Alex has a great testimony of the gospel, I know that he will always be there to teach our children true principles that will make their lives full of blessings.
8. Teacher. As a mother I want to help my girls with all of their trials. Alex is so good about letting them struggle so that they can learn how to get out of their situation. I love that about him.
9. Hard Worker. He is very dedicated to his jobs and making a living without sacrificing his family. I know that he will never be lazy and let our family go hungry.
10. The BEST DAD! I think I tend to overlook Alex's ability to Father. He is all these things and more. I have truly been blessed to have him in my life. He is so loving to me and the girls. He always makes us laugh, and always knows how to make things better. I love you Alex. Thank you for being such a wonderful DADDY!

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