Thursday, June 26, 2008

Black Canyon

One of our favorite things to do every summer is to hit the lake for some wake boarding and skiing. My Mom called us Monday morning to see if we would like to go up to Black Canyon with the girls. Of course I was totally excited to go but the problem was that Alex had a paper to finish and three lawns to mow before he could go anywhere. So for the first time ever I went outside and mowed our lawn and our neighbor's lawn with our old non-automatic drive lawn mower. That was a tough job but it felt good that I could help Alex. He finished his paper just when I finished mowing then went to mow the last lawn. I packed up and we headed to the lake. There were not a lot of people there and the lake was pretty smooth. The girls had a blast on the little beach, and Alex wakeboarded with my brother and cousin for a bit. I really wanted to take some pictures because Alex has gotten quite good. Since one of us has to be with the girls at all times I couldn't take any pictures. Oh well, this won't be our last time up. I'll get some good shots soon. When it was my turn the water wasn't as smooth, but I had a great time anyway. Its too bad that gas is so expensive these days. This is truly one of our favorite things to do. AH Well what-do-ya-you.

Yesterday we went with some of Alex's family to a big pool in downtown Boise. There was a big waterslide that we enjoyed, but I don't think the girls were too crazy about it. Today, Alex and his brothers are leaving on a backpacking trip in the Sawtooths for a few days. I'm afraid they will run into a lot of snow. Our summer has been a late one. Hopefully they will have a great time. While he's gone I am going to work on getting our playset fixed up and take my girls to my Grandparent's reunion. Fun Fun.

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  1. looks like you guys had lots of fun! We'll probably see you this weekend at the reunion!