Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Tis The Season

With the Summers we get family reunions. The Beal reunion on the Oregon coast was canceled due to poor Salmon fishing and a late planting season for Alex's dad. I guess Alex's mom was feeling a little bad for canceling so ventured out by inviting everyone home to Arco. I had to laugh when she sent us an email reminding us that she doesn't have rooms and beds for everyone. Not enough hot water and towels. And not enough refrigerator space. There are twenty eight of us so we all had to make it work. Some slept outside in sleeping bags, and some in the house. Alex and I slept in the camper with the girls. The first night was a bit rough but the second night was great. Shelley did a fabulous job hosting everyone. There was plenty of food, plenty of hot water, and tons of fun things to do. There were basketball games, a trampoline, a fort, a fire pit, four-wheelers, bikes, a water hole, pool table, movies, and even a litter of kittens for all the kids to play with. We had a great time visiting and eating to our hearts content. All in All I think it was a success. Thanks everyone for a great time and thanks to Seth and especially Shelley for all the hard work she put in.

Gathering around the Fire

Some of the Grand-daughters before church with Granny
Playing Basketball
Check out some of the Game!

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  1. Hey Anna
    I just figured out how to re-face my blog without erasing the widgets....I think maybe. I still might need a help with a couple of things. It worked...but there's still some orange on the top. Check out my blog to see what I mean. I'll figure it out I'm sure. Anyway. See ya....hope alex has fun on his trip.