Thursday, June 19, 2008

Oh The Joy

Well everyone. My girls are getting bigger every day. There is so many great things about it, and then there are the NOT so great things. Lets see. The other day I was at my mom's house. She lives in remodeled home that they have not finished yet. One of the unfinished things is their stairway and their basement. These are old wood frame stairs that I fear every time I go over. Since Mycah is still learning stairs I just don't trust her. Well, I let her out of my sight for a minute and all of a sudden as I sit there enjoying some adult conversation I hear,! And as I run to the stairs I hear Dejah, Mycah, and cousin Caleb shriek into tears. I guess Dejah decided to help her little sister by carrying her down (at least that's what I got from Dejah's story). Well lets just say, Mycah is not so little anymore and they all took a tumble down those old rickety stairs. Mycah had four goose bumps on her head and even bruised the tip of one of her ears. Ok next. Along with this growing up thing, Mycah is also teething. Not fun for me because it feels like she has been fussing straight for two days. She woke all of us up about three times last night....and if you know me well at all, I am NOT a friendly person when I don't get my sleep. Dejah is quite the spit fire and sometimes says...What-everrr Mom, and tells Dad he is a wiener when he is picking on her. So much fun...I think I'll wait another year before adding to all of it.


4 Jobs I’ve had

1. Dental Assistant 2. Zuka Juice 3. Day Care 4. D.I.

4 Movies I’d watch more than once

1. Hitch 2. Gladiator 3. Rush Hour 1&2 4. Anything Goood

4 Places I’ve lived

1. Eagle 2. Oregon Coast 3. Laramie 4. Provo

4Places I have visited

1. California Coast 2. Mazatlan Mexico 3. Canada 4. VEGAS Baby!

4Favorite foods

1. Pizza 2. Ice Cream 3. Chocolate 4. AppleBees Oriental Chicken Salad

4 places I would like to visit

1. Hawaii 2. Disney World 3. Caribbean Cruise Ship 4. Mexico

4 things I am looking forward to

1. Crazy Beal get together this weekend 2. My next break from the kids 3. Going wakeboarding 4. Next Vacation

4 friends I am tagging

If you haven't been tagged yet, you are now!


  1. Hey Anna-
    Hope your trip to Arco was fun. We got back about 9:00 tonight. We're both tired. Boy, Mycah can really scream can't she?!
    We'll see you around!

  2. Anna- Redfish lake was a lot of fun. It wasn't as cold as we thought it was going to be. We stayed in a deluxe cabin and split it with JD and Amy, then Josh and Netta slept there too. You'll have to check the cabins out at If you're thinking about it, reserve now!