Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Roaring Springs!!!

So, Most of you probably know that Alex has been taking full advantage of his "SUMMER OFF"! Teachers may not get payed a ton, but there are a ton of perks! Well today we didn't really have a plan, but since we had to go into Meridian today to get our car checked out, we thought we'd check out the Meridian Pool while we were there. I packed up the swimming suits and a couple towels...just in case. Thats about it. Well, the pool was closed to open swimmers until 3:00 in the afternoon. As we were driving over the freeway to go home, Dejah in her cute mousy voice says..."I want to go to the water park, can we?" This is something we hear quite often since we only live about 10 minutes away. I was just about to say "no" when Alex says...."OK, lets do it". So we made a little detour to Costco to get discount tickets for Alex and I. Dejah and Mycah are free. We headed to the park with no sunblock, no swimmer diaper and no water or snacks. We got there and put on our suits, then I left to the store to get some necessities. We spent a good chunk of the morning in the kiddy pool and the fun river. Since the passes were good till 8pm we took the girls home for lunch and naps. I think this SAVED us. Both girls got good naps and some food on there bellies then we headed back at 3:30. We had a Blast the rest of the evening!! Dejah was a bit chicken, but I hope to remedy this with some swim lessons. Maybe next year she'll be a bit tougher for some of the fun rides. Dejah one of the waterslides in the kiddy pool...probably because Mom and Dad could go down with her. She also like the wave pool as long as someone was holding her hands to jump the waves. Mycah's favorite was the river. I sat in the tube and she loved hanging her feet in the water just squawking and jabbering as we rode around the river. All in all....it was a Fabulous time! I hope to go back with just Alex soon so we can hit the really big slides.
This summer has been so fun. I will get Alex to make a post about his hiking trip in the Sawtooths soon!


  1. Sounds like a ton of fun. I can't wait to do somthing like that with the girls...I need a swimsuit first.

  2. I think taking the girls home for a nap was brilliant. That way you really get your money's worth and everyone is happy. Sounds like fun times.