Thursday, July 3, 2008

Sandy Beach

Some of you may think that Alex and I might have tons of friends and have tons of fun. The truth is, yes we have some friends (not a ton, and mostly family at that), and don't usually get to have tons of fun with them either. You see. My sister has had to be in bed for two days and has been using some of my family members to babysit her children. This pretty much changed all the plans Alex and I have had for the past few days. Yesterday, we were going to float this amazing fun river here in Kuna. Its about a two hour float, so we wanted more people to visit with than just us two. Well due to the "baby sitting", no float. Today's wake boarding at the lake, canceled. Tomarrow my brother will have the wake board that Alex uses, therefore....canceled. I thought and thought of anyone who might want to go skiing at the lake with us, and my teeny tiny circle of friends didn't solve the problem. Everyone works, and the others may not want to bring their little ones. Am I sounding a little bitter?...ok maybe just a little. Since my husband can't find it within him to just stay home, he decided to treat us to a day at Sandy beach just below Lucky Peak. Now, my darling little sister-in-law Christy thinks it is totally "white trash" and I totally agree. Reguardless, we had a GREAT time! The water is dirty and the sand definately isn't soft and clean like many other true Sandy Beaches, but it was good times for us. The girls had a blast. We caked on the sunblock. Aired up our little raft and tubes. Ate Albertson's chicken with some goodies and enjoyed watching Mycah chase after the seagulls (if you can call them that). Tomorrow we made plans with an old friend of mine Korin. Hopefully our little ones will tolerate staying up late because we are going to Melba Days to catch the highly anticipated fire work show. Hope you all have a fun 4th of July!....oh ya, and if any of you at any time would like to go boating...we have the boat available almost anytime we want...we just need friends to go with us. Catch ya later.


  1. Anna-
    I didn't know you guys went to roaring springs yesterday! And today at lucky peak. that looked like fun too! Well we ARE going to the lake tomorrow, and we're gonna go around eight, and just go till we can't stand it anymore. We wanna float the river too...maybe monday or tuesday? Anyway, love your blog! Hopefully we'll see you tomorrow.

  2. We want to go boating!!! You are so far away!!!