Wednesday, August 27, 2008


Nope. Not this kindYES! This is the Stuff! A couple days ago, Boise had a wind-storm. It just so happened that this big wind gust happened the evening before The Garbage Truck picks up everyones trash. Since not everyone invests in large heavy-duty garbage bins, sometimes we get garbage blown into our yard. Well, Monday evening the wind gusts brought us Popcorn! Today Dejah and I spent a while picking up every little piece from our grass. We collected a small box full. (The box was a build-a-bear box that also blew into our yard) My crazy neighbor boys decided it would be fun to break all the popcorn into smaller bits. So needless to say, I was not very happy, but Dejah and I finally got it all cleaned up.
Today we got a delivery! Finally we have two new canopys for the Rainbow set. This will be so nice. The kids have been needing some serious shade up there! This is a picture of the same playset (not the exact one in my yard). It belongs to my Aunt and Uncle, and was sitting at my Grandparents house, unassembled, and rotting for years in the weather. My Uncle told my Dad he could have it, and my Dad told me we could use it. Last summer we picked it up and transported it here. I'm hoping next summer to re-finish the wood and add a couple more features as you see below.

With the upcoming Fall comes better T.V. programing. The Hills from MTV is one I always look forward to. Since I no longer have Dish I am lucky to be able to also watch this show on the Internet! Yay! Here is a preview of the upcoming season.


  1. I love The Hills. I started watching it last season after we moved, and got cable. I was so excited when it started. I am not trilled that summer is over, but I am looking forward to the new shows that I watch.

  2. I've never watched the Hills, but I'm with you. I'm super excited about the start of Fall Television.