Sunday, September 14, 2008

Girl Drama!

I don't know what it is lately, but I just don't have much to blog about. Today is Sunday. You know a day of "rest" and "peace". Well, with so many girls in the house there tends to be drama. Today especially. Mostly my girls get along, but as Mycah gets older she is becoming more opinionated and strong willed. She knows where your buttons are and doesn't hesitate to push them. She does this to Dejah quite a bit, but Dejah can also be really bossy too. So I was in my room when I hear the "contention" rising. Dejah doesn't want to let her in her room to play, and she's yelling at Mycah to get out. Of course Mycah is upset and fussing about it. I could hear Dejah slamming the door a couple times as she's yelling at Mycah. One last slam before Mom comes and I hear a "CRACK" and a splitting cry from Mycah! Of course I come running, and Mycah is grasping her fingers in pain and Dejah is behind the locked door. Now, I'm not huge on spankings, but I won't hesitate when its called for. Two swatts on the bum and Dejah was punished. I stuck her in time out while I tended to Mycah's little fingers. Thankfully they weren't broken and she stopped crying when I ran her hand under cold water. Her "dents" are now swollen and puffy, but she's moving them and playing like nothing ever happened. So after some love from Mommy, I went to attend to the other child now crying. I got on eye level with her and told her that she slammed Mycah's fingers in the door and could have broke them. Of course this changed her cry to the sorrowful one. Alex is a believer in consequences, so I targeted her biggest "thing"....Movies. It doesn't take much, but usually when I don't allow her to watch anything for a while....she seems to "get it". Oh, parenting. What a trial and blessing all at the same time. My girls are now playing just as they normally do, with little contention. I love how children are so forgiving. We all could probably learn a few things in that department.


  1. oh the drama of girls...Ayla totally has drama too, and loves to slam doors. She hasn't got her brothers fingers yet, but I am sure the day will come. We are working on it, before it happens...hopefully. It is tough being a parent, but so worth it. Sounds like you are a wonderful Mommy!

  2. I don't know why but I almost cried reading that post. I think it's more upsetting to the parents when their kids get hurt. Sounds like all is well now though.

  3. Im so not looking forward to those times! I think you handled it really well - like a pro! Every child slams their siblings fingers in doors. I swear its a right of passage or something! I myself did quite a lot of damage to my own sister. And she somehow survived!