Friday, September 12, 2008

Success...Then...Not So Much

Not much is going on lately. I don't have much to write about, but oh how I LOVE nap time!!! When Mycah goes to sleep and Dejah sits quietly in front of a movie, its almost as exciting as getting a day off of work. My mind reels about all the things I want to do in that time that I usually don't get to do when the girls are up and in my face. Right now I am Blogging, after that I may read, or watch "Nick & Jessica" (Final Season). I just can't decide, but I love it!
The first night I put the girls together in one room went really well. Except when Dejah and I tiptoed in to put Dejah in bed, Mycah got up and started fussing. I put Dejah down, calmed down Mycah, then she went right to sleep....NO Problems!!! I was completely shocked! They both slept great and Mycah still slept in later than Dejah. The next night....mmm...not so good. Again she woke up when Dejah went in to bed, but around 10:30 Mycah started fussing and just looking at Dejah. It woke her up and she was crying too. I told Dejah we'll just put her back in her own room. She didn't want to, but I'm just going to have to keep them separated until Mycah gets a bit older. Now with the Nuk thing. I still haven't gotten rid of it, but I'm trying to do better at just letting her have it in bed. Its working ok so far, but sooner or later I'm just going to have to get rid of it.
Today we took a drive to my Mom's house. She had the day off and had some time this morning before her hair appointment. We went over and helped her cut her concord grapes off one of her big grape vines. She says it takes a long time to make jelly so she is just going to juice them. It was fun. I like doing stuff like that. I wish I had a real garden and the "know how" on canning and storing food. Maybe when my kids get a bit older I'll have more time to learn. Well all...that's it for today.


  1. Hey, I wanna get the "know-how" on canning too! I think my first one to connquer is that yummy strawberry freezer jam that Mom made at the beginning of the summer. Then maybe I should learn to can some things you can actually survive know....fruits, vegetables, things like that.

  2. My rule on the binkie is when they turn 2. Bailey was really addicted to hers, but a few months before she turned 2 she said, "yucky" so I asked her if she wanted to throw it away. She said yes, so we did. Sometimes I still want it to shut her up when she won't stop talking! hehehe I personally would focus on one thing at a time. Like get them in the same room, then when that's successful, then work on the binkie!

  3. I never had an issue with a binkie with my daughter, but my son is addicted. I have heard that once they are two and able to understand a little more you can use a binkie fairy, just like the tooth fairy...maybe that would work when she understands! Good luck.