Sunday, November 23, 2008

Rake Up Boise

Every Year, Alex is involved with the "Rake up Boise" organization with his work. We always make it a family affair and bring the girls along. Saturday morning we all met down at a Boise Albertsons and got our house assignment. I don't know much except that we are doing a service for Elderly that can't do it themselves. Of course the girls made a friend and "jumped right in".
Alex and a bunch of his co-workers raked like crazy and bagged all the leaves. These pictures were taken toward the tail-end of the job, but you should have seen the leaves! Tons!

It was a bit chilly out and the girls got cold toward the end. I was pretty worn out from picking up leaves, so I had to stop to save myself from a miserable day.

The Ladies who owned the home were very appreciative, and we were so glad to help. Isn't service great!?


  1. What a great thing to do as a family!! Although you are a trooper, there is no way I would be out there if I was pregnant!

  2. That is really cool.
    There is not much that brings families together better than service. I love the pictures too.

  3. you couldnt have paid me to rake/pick up leaves during my first trimester! im amazed you had the energy!

    and your girls as always are SO cute!

  4. What a great service project! I love it. Looks like a great day, and a great activity for the family.