Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Terrible Two's and The Belly Blues

Well, Mycah is almost two. Her Birthday is on Feb. 25th but the terrible 2's are coming in full force. If you know Mycah at all, you'd know she's definitely moody enough as it is. Her big sister seems like a dream compared (or maybe I just don't remember). She seems to think that if she fusses...constantly...I'll serve her needs. What it really does, is make me throw a two year old fit right back at her. She hits (swats really). If you give her what she's having a fit for, she'll throw it right back at you. Time-outs work ok, but not great. She really just fusses...ALOT! Check it out.

Ok, so now with the Belly Blues. I'll be into my Second Trimester next week. Of course, being baby number three, I am definitely "showing". Only its the kind that looks like a pooch, not flat, and not prego. So one may just think you're a bit overweight in the middle. I wear Sweats constantly and can't seem to find anything cute to wear. I pulled out my maternity clothes, and wouldn't you know it...OUT OF STYLE!!! Two years old and all my maternity shirts are SHORTER than my EVERYDAY WEAR Shirts! So the other day I totally cheated and used the credit card to buy some sweaters. I'm not even close when it comes to the amount of maternity clothes I'm going to need throughout this pregnancy, but its a start. So just a warning to you Mothers who think your clothes will still be cute in a few years...THINK AGAIN! Maybe some will be good, but unless you have a baby at the exact same season as your last...just plan on replacing that wardrobe. Ok, Belly Blues number two....Vericose Veins! The day of the "Leaves" was the day I started to "feel them". As my second trimester thickens...so will the veins...and the constant ache that comes with them. I have the dumb support hose, but they itch and are very annoying to wear. So pray that I will be able to cope through the next 6 to 7 months.


  1. I will pull my maternity clothes out and see if I have anything cute you could wear. You are so much tinier than I was, but Im sure I have some shirts at least that you could wear! I hate buying maternity clothes!!!! My sister gave me all of hers (of course shes 9 feet tall...but they worked!)

    And I feel your pain with the veins...I seriously iced down and it helped a lot. And for some reason they were worse in my 2nd trimester than my 3rd.

    hang in there!

  2. I feel for you too.
    Love those two year olds too. =S

  3. I'm feeling your pain, sista! I don't know that my body is ever gonna bounce back from Number 3. But pregnancies seem to go faster and faster each time, if that's any consolation.

    And as for the Terrible Twos, it's just nice to see other kids starting to act out too. Leni's been pulling these stunts for almost a year now!

  4. I totally feel for you with the terrible two's!!! They are no fun for anyone. I am wondering how long they really last. Hope the pregnancy gets a little easier. I wish I could have another baby.

  5. I'm sorry about the varicose veins. I hope I can continue to escape those. Yikes.