Sunday, April 19, 2009


Oh the pain! First off, these are not my veins...but mine do look very similar. I'll just keep my lovely legs to myself until this is over. I have around 6 weeks left to go. I am so excited to finally see an end in sight. Anyway, today my veins hurt. When they hurt my energy level and drive take a DIVE! Lately I have been so full of energy and excitement for the spring. Last week I took a "SCREAMING" Mycah to the grocery store. Then went to Home Depot to buy lumber for some Large flower boxes in my back yard. I cut and built them. I've been on a roll! Today I think its all hitting me. I want to get outside and work on my flowers more, but the veins just won't let up, so I guess I have to take it easy until Alex can help me.
Ok so onto my little Dejah. Have any of you heard of Fatigue and Constipation being related? The reason I ask is because Dejah has been sitting around here like a little sick pup! Lazy, Lazy, Lazy. She won't play, won't eat, you name it. She mentioned that her poop was hurting a couple days ago, so I started making sure she was getting some juice and plenty of water. I "made" her go today, and now after about 15-20 minutes, she's playing. Finally! Anyway, I wasn't sure. I think I need to get my girls to eating better. This will be a challenge because I'm going to have to do the same. 6 more weeks.....I'll just keep telling myself that.


  1. Alyssa definitely gets crankier and more lethargic if she's constipated. We definitely have to work hard to keep her diet on track, and also the Dr. gave us Miralax for those "emergency" times. It doesn't mess with her stomach like a laxative would, and it works great. Only 1-2 teaspooons, not the dosage it says on the bottle. Her being regular and having energy keeps us all a lot less cranky! :-)

  2. I haven't heard of fatigue and constipation being related but it makes sense in my head: Bowel Movements are necessary to remove toxins from our systems--if they're not happening then all those toxins are sitting there, leaching back into our blood streams and interfering with normal body function, even producing flu-like symptoms.

  3. LOVE the toddler size bunks. I think my dad can build those too.
    I have a 20 month old a 3 year old and one on the way. ALL girls. Would you be willing to share the measurments and materials you used?
    I've been searching all over the internet trying to find just that, toddler bunks.
    Mandy Jury (

  4. I was thinking you were very brave to post your legs... then I saw that they weren't actually yours! Funny. Looks very painful though, hope it all disappears as soon as baby comes!