Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Summer, Fall, Winter, Sp???....Summer?

"All Right Folks! Whats the deal??? Shouldn't there be Spring somewhere in those FOUR seasons?" "Argghh Matey...I'll take the heat!"
I'm just wondering how to balance indoor/outdoor activities.
So we had Cold Weather, NOW we have HOT...HOT weather!
Is it really APRIL?
Cousin Chase and Dejah seem to be liking this heat.
My Sister and I took our kids to the park at 10:00. We hoped our "early" arrival would save us from the tortuous heat forcasted today.
The kids had a fun time. The first half hour was great.
Then I started MELTING! I'm just wondering if Boise is the only place that skipped Spring all together? We were in the 50's with rain and cold wind, Now we're in the Mid 80's and full sun. This weekend its supposed to cool down to the 50's again with rain...again.

So really I'm hoping we can have some nice weather in the 60's and low 70's. Because at this rate I am doomed to become House Bound...and that is something I will have a hard time with.


  1. Anna it has been like that here in TExas too. Yesterday was windy and the weekend was cold so I thought today I would wear a sweatshirt and it is HOT out! I hope that you are all doing well.

  2. I hear ya. The only good thing about it is that USUALLY on the hot days, the morning spends forever being just cool enough, then come 2:00 the heat hits with full force! Unfortunately for us, we are not morning people...

  3. I am not sure where spring is! I hear you on the weather though. It has been cold, and then a few hot days, and now this weekend is suppose to be cold with rain, and maybe snow. Who knows what is going on, but I hope the weather figures itself out soon.

  4. OH my heck! That first picture of Mycah looks so much like you it's scary! She's so adorable!!

  5. It was in the high 70's low 80's this week here and i loved it!! :) I am a sun worshiper!