Saturday, April 11, 2009

Jumpin Into Spring!

This is my yard now. At least part of it. What you are looking at is my ugly, boring fence line along the back, that has been ripped to shreds by the dumb neighbor dogs. I have very high hopes for this fence line though. And with my spring fever also comes a desire to do something about it. This next fence line is something I'd like to aspire to. Not only would my plants be safe from digging dogs, but it would be much easier to keep the weeds out.
The fence line in the next picture also gives you an idea of something I may like to try. It would probably be cheaper not to build up a box like the previous picture, but again I'm afraid the neighbor dogs my ruin anything I try along the fence.
Anyway, yesterday there was no way I was going to stay cooped up in my house. I drove to my Sister-in-Law Mitzi's house and kidnapped her for some "flower shopping".
First Stop K-Mart! What a great deal we found. They were selling bags of bulbs for cheep!! Here are my purchases from yesterday!

20 Tiger Flower Bulbs $2.99
12 Petunia Plants (Home Depot) .50 Cents each
6 Snap Dragons (Home Depot) .50 Cents Each
40 Gladiola Bulbs (KMart) $7.99
20 Freesia Bulbs $2.99
2 Bags of 20 Bulbs Dutch Iris $2.99 each
And My most Favorite Flower of all!
7 Bulbs of Stargazer Lilies $7.99
I am going to attempt to also transplant my Rhododendrons from the front rock beds to the back so that they can get more water. We planted them a couple summers ago and they just are not growing very well. Lets really hope they don't die, because I LOVE them!
I also need to move my 8 Tulip Bulbs out of my mostly empty garden box and transplant them to somewhere else.......because......I have Strawberries! My dad gave me some Strawberry Plants that need to get planted ASAP. Since they pretty much "take over" where ever they are, I am going to put them in that fairly empty box. They will get plenty of water and LOTS of Sun!So Now you've seen what I want to do. Lets see if I can get it done SOON!


  1. Oh I wish I had strawberries! We are planting a garden for the first time this year and I am so excited!

  2. Someday I am going to have strawberries. My dad has some and he gets fresh strawberries every morning for breakfast. Happy planting!!

  3. Beautiful flowers. Will you come and plan out my yard? It looks like you are setting it up to be a nice relaxing yard!

  4. Wow I had high hopes like that last year when I was pregnant. I hope the best for you. I did get everything planted last year. A border all the way around the house, and a HUGE garden. Then the baby came and nothing got watered like it should have so the weeds took over. Good thing for the sprinkler system!

  5. Cool ideas, beautiful pictures!
    Awesome ideas. You are an inspiration to us all. =)