Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Some Randomness

1. YaY! Mycah, my little two year old will go poo in the big potty. I haven't been really working with her too much, but its been an exciting step. Of course I have to encourage her to try or she'll just go in her diaper. Anyway, I'm not pushing it too hard right now. She'll get there on her own time.

2. I had a little baby shower last Saturday. I don't really get into these things, but my Sister Heather and my Mom wanted to throw Melissa (other sister) and I a combined one since we are both having our first of the opposite sex. I got some really cute clothes to start me off with this little guy. Thanks to everyone who "gifted" it will start me off nicely.

3. I had a Dr. appointment today. I told him that I feel HUGE! He smiled and basically told me I am measuring right on point. Sigh. Sleep is hard. Bending over is hard. Holding Mycah is Really hard. Other things are hard :) I must say though. I really like my hormone levels. I'm not too emotional, and I feel pretty happy. I'm kind of dreading the "after baby" hormones, I get so "depressed". As for now, my biggest "downer" is my girls when they are being emotional. I've decided I need a "DAY OFF". I need a day to shop, and rot all to myself...and girl friends. A day to watch Chick Flicks, eat junk food, and not have to deal with fussy little girls. Any takers????

4. We are finally getting nice spring weather. With the exception of a few cold days here and there, I'm liking the high 50s and mid 60s.

5. Alex is done with homework for the Semester!!! Triple Yay!!! Now just a few more weeks and he'll be done with work for the summer!


  1. I love the cartoon - that is my life :) Actually I think I said those same words to my sister last week. Pregnancy sure isn't pretty. The baby blues are tough - I hope they go easier on you this time - call me if you need an escape. I could definitely use one once in awhile.

  2. I went to this program that we have here called Ready for Kindergarten tonight and they talked about addressing how your kids express what they are feeling. They said the best thing to do is be calm, love them, keep them close and they learn that it's okay to have different feelings. Talk to them about how they are feeling. They gave us a sheet of faces with different expressions on them so we can talk about them, but you could draw them. I thought of you while I was there.

  3. I'm all for taking the day off, watching Chick Flicks and eating junk food. Wish we lived closer!

  4. I hear ya on a day off! I would love to watch a chick hubby is out of town for a couple weeks and I will be heading to the video store tomorrow to grab some! :)