Friday, May 1, 2009

When We Stay Home...

Dejah's Favorites
*All bedding is removed from beds to jump and play in.
*Couch pillows find their way onto the floor and seem to always make it there no matter how many times Mom puts them back.
*All clothing drawers are opened, partly emptied onto floor, and outfit changes every hour become strewn across other parts of the house throughout the day.
*Fridge is opened. Food is pulled out, and eating what you want whenever you want because Mom is neglectful to feed full meals.
*Toilet is rarely flushed

Mycah's Favorites
*Utensils in Kitchen get pulled out of drawers
*Toilet scrubber is carried around the house like its some fun toy to play with.
*Mom's makeup gets pulled out, foundation opened, and smeared
*Daddy's glasses can't seem to keep a hiding place
*Toothpaste and toothbrushes get used and left on the floor
*DVD case gets opened and emptied
*Naps are becoming less, because Mycah has overcome the "fear" of climbing off the top bunk bed.
*Wipies get emptied and used on baby dolls or whatever (she loves to rub them all over her face)
*Mom's purse and wallet...emptied

*Toy room is relocated to the living room and my bedroom
*My dishes....become toy dishes
*Baby Doll clothes are never on babies, always on the floor
*Dad and Mom's shoes become dress-up shoes
*Dress up clothes pulled out...never put back
*Baby's car seat becomes a toy
*If there is a laundry basket not folded up yet...the clean clothing gets dumped onto the floor so the basket can become a "boat".
*If its a nice day get dragged out to the backyard and left all over the ground.
*Any dirt outside becomes a personal sand box

There is so much more, but you know what? I love my kids. I know I could do so much more to prevent all this, pregnancy is just so wearing. I have no desire (or energy) to follow behind my kids every step of the way just to maintain a clean and orderly home. At this point I just pick a couple times a day to recruit their help in cleaning up. They don't do a great job, but at least I can get them to help. They are healthy and happy, and I am so grateful for that.
On Monday, I will have FOUR weeks until the Dr. will induce if I go early I'm looking at a few more weeks to go! YAY!!


  1. What fun they must have! I can't believe you only have about 4 week left! So exciting!

  2. Who needs toys, right? Housewares suffice!

  3. Wow..great sneak peek into "life with the Beals". Sounds crazy and fun and makes me grateful for Carter only knowing how to crawl!

  4. Amen sister! My house is the same way! Doesn't get any better after the pregnancy either... you just have one more contributer to the mess :)