Thursday, June 18, 2009


Dejah has been begging me for quite sometime to cut her hair short. I have been letting it grow for so long, that I just wanted her to keep growing it out. Anyway, with that said, I also don't do her hair anymore and she looks like a SKRUG! So out the scissors came. I attempted an A-Line Cut, but it ended up being just a normal straight across cut. Here is the before. Here is the after.After my "hair cutting adventure", I was spent. (Back to that later) I had to take a photo op today. My growing boy is now eating about 5 oz every 3 to four hours!! And here he is sportin some shoes :)

This is my Favorite picture. The girls just can't get enough of him.

Here again, my three little Monkeys!

Now I really wanted to be included. These were hard for Alex to get.

This next picture is exactly everything typical in our daily lives.
Dejah...with her TERRIBLE habit..ewww. Mycah in "Space Camp". Me, just trying to keep a smile. And Logan wondering "what the heck are all these girls doing to me".

Last of all, Me and my Baby :) As for my current status on the Mastitis. I wish I could say I am doing great...but I am far from that. I definitely have my moments of feeling better. In fact when that happens I think....Oh, Yeah, I'm getting better, but then all of a sudden it hits me like a ton of bricks all over again. I have been on Antibiotics since Monday. I am feeling extremely frustrated. I feel like I've tried everything. I am pumping way more often. I did the moist heat then ice after pumping out. I've done warm baths. I've rested. I'm taking ibuprofen and Tylenol for pain and my other stuff as directed. I'm also pretty stingy about priesthood blessings, but had a second one today since having the baby. Thanks for everyone's help and advice. I will be quitting all this when its over. I have never felt that formula is a Sin, I love the stuff. My entire reason for even starting "nursing/pumping" was mostly for selfish reasons....Losing weight (and the health benefits for newborns). Anyway, that is my Status. Oh and Megan...truly....thankyou for everything, you're awesome!!!


  1. Formula is never a sin, don't think you should feel bad at all for switching! In many cases, I think formula is better for the baby. (Especially when those cases involve mom keeping her sanity. ;))

    As to the mastitis, I think it's weird that the antibiotics haven't whooped it better. Maybe you need a stronger antibiotic? The antibiotics always helped me feel TONS better within 24 hours. If you're still suffering badly tomorrow I'd call the doctor and ask if that's normal.

    Hope you feel better soon!

  2. Mastitis really is such a pain...literally! hope you get over it soon. You sure look beautiful though!

  3. Cute pictures! Sorry you're still suffering...can't say I know what you're going through...cause I don't..and never will! I love that you thought dejah was looking skrugish. Kadence HATES having long hair b/c she refuses to let me do it, and I am always too lazy to do it, so short it stays!! She actually took scissors to it herself recently b/c it was getting too long and in her face (it was shoulder length) so I attempted to fix it myself, though it was a little too butchered for my lack of ability. But I go to a girl that charges $10 for a hair cut and she does a great job! Good job on cutting her hair yourself though, it looks way cuter than my attempt was!!

  4. Sorry for the ouchies!! That sounds like not so much fun. Hope that you are feeling better now. Cute pics. The girl are adorable with your lil man!

  5. Love Dejah's hair. You will love it also! Short hair is so much easier to take care of. I would do anything for your family so please ask. We have all been there before, sometimes we need a little extra help. Your time will come and someone will need your help!

  6. Glad you are doing better and hope you recovery fully soon. I love Dejah's new haircut and the pics of you and your kids are adorable!