Friday, July 10, 2009

Lets Compair

Logan on the Left, Dejah on the Right

Logan on the Left, Mycah on the Right

Me on the Left, Dejah on the Right

Alex on the Left, Mycah on the Right

Logan on the Left, Me on the Right, Alex Below Left, Logan Below Right

So this is my conclusion on my kids

Alex's Coloring- Dejah & Logan

Anna's Coloring- Mycah

Alex's Face Shape- Mycah, Logan (?)

Anna's Face Shape- Dejah, possibly Logan (?)

I can honestly say...they are all their own breed and a complete mix of the both of us. What do you think?? I'm hoping Logan will get Alex blonde hair. I've always wanted a blonde.


  1. Your babies all look interchangeable!! But that could be that it's just me and I'm going off pictures and I'm not their mommy....but then I think mine all do too....hmmm.
    cute though!

  2. what a fun is fun to see how you all compare. all i can say is you two make beautiful children!

  3. Holy Cow, I couldn't tell you now looking at those pics who I think looks more like who? Crazy! I always thought Dejah looked like Alex but now I don't know. Cute post! Oh yeah, I think Logan looks like he'll be a little blondie!

  4. Either way those kiddos have some great looking parents so they'll be cute either way!