Monday, August 17, 2009

Hiking the Sawtooths

Last weekend, Alex and his brothers did their annual...Beal Brothers Hike. (or whatever you want to call it) Anyway, he should be the one writing about it, but since he is back to his busy schedule, I am left with giving you my best description of the trip.

There are actually 6 boys in the family, not including their Dad. One brother had to work, and the other is serving a mission in Texas (Hi Chase). Anyway, this year they did a pretty intense hike. They left on Thursday afternoon. When they got to the trail head, the weather was pleasant. They had to get booking it to get their camp set up before it got too dark.

I guess the trail was pretty rugged. Lots of rocks. But really beautiful. This picture is of Gabe (left), Alex (center), and Hart (right).

This is Alex, Keaton, and Hart. I don't know which lake this is but it looks awesome! Nice sweat marks Keat!

Alex and the Brothers love to go for Freezing late night swims! Yes, my husband is the pasty white farmers tan one :)

Notice the Ponchos?? Yes, it rained. And the weather got really cold. I guess they decided to bail Friday evening instead of Saturday. They ended up hiking 13-14 miles that night as fast as they could. The terrain is kind of rough and Alex got a little injury trying to go that fast downhill. When they got to Stanley, the Hotels were all full. They called their Dad and he suggested they stay in Sun Valley. So they got a better night sleep there.

They all made it home safe without serious injury. Looks like a fun time. Maybe next year the weather will be better. At least it wasn't like last year when the mosquitoes "bullied" them out!


  1. those mountains look beautiful! It makes me want to go camping...since we didn't really get any camping this year.

  2. Looks like a beautiful place to hike...sounds like it was a fun trip for the most is neat they can take time to do that every year!

  3. Cool pictures! I'm sad I couldn't get away for it - I'll have to plan better to make it happen next year.


  4. Beautiful pictures! Makes me want to hike. I will be there tomorrow for play date. Thanks for the invite!