Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Summer Recap

I can't believe summer is coming to an end for us. It has been so wonderful having Alex home with me. I am so blessed. Just before Logan was born, my Grandpa passed away. Then our summer kicked off with the birth of our 3rd child and 1st boy, Logan. The first month was a blurr of new baby, mastitis, and Alex playing the "mommy" roll to our girls. Still we managed to have some fun.

We took a little trip to Twin Falls and went to a Hot Springs. I of course just watched.

Then Alex took the girls to Arco for a family reunion.

We went boating with my family, and I finally got to get in the water.

Logan was blessed on 4th of July weekend, so we had fun with family.

Alex got shingles. Can you believe he is still "recovering". I'm pretty sure he will have scars on his forehead. He didn't even pick at the scabs.

Anyway, we did the big Redfish trip.

My birthday came and I turned 31.

The big Hell's canyon trip flopped due to rain. My poor parents work so hard preparing, so it was a big let down.

Dejah stared "jump start". Its a program that runs 3 weeks before Kindergarten. They work on basic skills. She has loved riding the bus and meeting friends.

Alex will be leaving to go on a hike in the Sawtooths with his brothers in a couple days. Then its back to work. Dejah will start school a week later.

So far we've had a fun summer full of friends and family. I am actually looking forward to some structure. Our lives will get back on a schedule. The one thing I am NOT looking forward to...Alex's busy schedule. He leaves for work at 6am. Gets home around 5ish. Then he has two Master's classes that start. On top of that he has a busy calling at church working with the missionaries. Its going to be alot to swallow. I hope I can hold my emotions together.

Well everyone, I took this video a coup weeks ago. My baby is growing so fast. He's HUGE!! Check out the "talking", he's even doing it more now.


  1. He's adorable. I love the talking... super cute. I totally understand your worry about your husbands busy schedule. This is the first time in our whole marriage that Jed has had a normal 9-5 job and actually gets to be part of the family - So I am sorry. Good luck!

  2. He is so cute Anna, what a sweet boy. Aren't boys so much fun! We love our three. Hope you find enough things to do while your hubby is gone. We need to get together sometime and introduce our kids and hang out. It would be fun!
    Melissa Quinn Snyder (p.s. just so you know who this is)