Monday, September 21, 2009

Hey, Mikey Likes It!

Do you remember this commercial?

Have you ever had one of these moments??

Today I ventured "outside the box". Instead of making the usual P.B.&J, corndog, grilled cheese, ect., I decided to have my girls try a Ham and Cheese sandwich for lunch. Can you believe they ate every speck of their sandwiches!! Yeah! You may be thinking, "is she serious?", "she's never made her kids ham n' cheese sandwiches?". My answer to you is YES, I never have! What kind of Mom am I? Well, I'll tell you. I'm the kind of Mom that doesn't like to eat sandwiches..and PB&J's have always worked. It looks like I can add another food to my girls' short list of "likes".

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  1. ha ha... I hear ya! We found out by accident that Rylan loves Tuna sandwiches! Adam always makes them and takes them to work in his lunch, but like you, I've just always made my kids pb cause they ate it! And now surprisingly enough, tuna helper is on our good list!! It's amazing what we can find out!! :)