Tuesday, September 22, 2009


Yesterday, I was cleaning house when Dejah and Mycah came in. Dejah says, "Mom! Do we look like ROCKET STARS?" I thought it was so cute and funny. Dejah was wearing a swim suit with stretch pants underneath, socks, pink jelly slippers and her "rocket star" sun glasses. Mycah was sporting Her "rocket star" sunglasses, a diaper, shirt that looks like a dress, and some black Sunday shoes. Funny girls!

As for Me. Not only am I getting low quality amounts of sleep, I am also....LOSING my hair!! Ughhh! I always HATE this stage after having a baby! I guess its completely normal to lose crazy amounts of hair starting three months after having a baby. Supposedly my hair will be back to normal when Logan is about a year old! Ughh again! As you can see in the picture...it starts in the front and works its way around my face. I can literally pull chunks out of my head in the shower on a daily basis. I am shedding so much, Alex is finding it in his food, clothing, and towels. Gross huh!? I would do a cute short cut, but its taken me sooooo long to grow it back out, I just can't bring myself to do it.

As far as other things go. Mycah said to me this morning, while pointing at my gut, "Ners a bay be n' neer". I say "oh no, that's just fat". "Ooh, itz fant", she replies. So everyone, its time to make a resolve and get myself back in shape. Three babys, and it just doesn't "fall off" like it used to. I've made a decision to buy a treadmill and squeeze it somewhere in my tiny house and get some kind of work out. So if any of you know someone who wants to sell one used, or you find a good deal, let me know. I've learned that I can't leave the house to work out, and I don't do work-out tapes well (unless its 8min abs, buns, and thighs, which I don't own). I think I will feel better physically, and mentally. I need it for my health. I plan to start slow and not set my goals too high at first. I guess I'd better get the treadmill first.


  1. Oh the joys of trying to put your body back together! Alright I know you said you don't do tapes but... I love Turbo Jam - it involves a few dance moves - and you being a dancer - may like it. I only do it twenty minutes a day and I really like it - Also P90X - pain in the butt - but you see results so quickly and that is so satisfying. I have a tread mill - I never use it - so totally go the tread mill route, I know it works for some but I support infomerical workouts - I am a sucker I know :) Plus you may save some money.

  2. Cute pictures of your girls. I never had my hair fall out after having Corbin. I'm not looking forward to it if it happens with this next one. As far as the treadmill goes I would recommend getting a good one if you are going to get one. I have used plenty of crappy treadmills and it makes a huge difference. You don't have to get the top of the line or anything but I wouldn't get a junker either. Good luck. I love, love, love my treadmill and I use it all the time. Well in the winter anyway. I exercise outside in the summer.