Monday, October 19, 2009

What are Your Halloween Costumes?

Ok, every year has been "easy" when it comes to Halloween Costumes. We have a Plethera of princess outfits! So naturally, every year my girls are princesses!! This year, Dejah is 5. Meaning she is very aware that she can choose what she wants to be. Leaving me, to figure out how. This year she wants to be Stephanie from "Lazy Town". If anyone has cheap ideas, I am all ears. Mycah will probably be a princess or fairy. Logan will be a dragon. Me? Not much into dressing up. What will you be???


  1. I saw pink wigs like that at walmart today for $5

  2. Katelyn is going to be Cinderella, Preston is going to be a bumble bee, and if I make it over to my mom's I will be a flapper. If not I have a poodle skirt I can wear. I missed Halloween last year, Preston's birthday is the 30th, so I was in the hospital, but I am so excited this year!

  3. How cute! I love Stephanie from Lazy Town. I think that it would be a pretty easy costume, just have her wear all pink! You can just spray her hair or even make a little wig out of yarn of something.

  4. Good luck with the costumes...we are still undecided at our house :)

    Sorry to hear about the sleepless nights. i quit feeding maddix in the middle of the night at about 5 months...but he didn't start sleeping through the night till her turned a year. so no advice here...just sympathy

    Love the paint colors! They look so good.