Tuesday, October 20, 2009


I just love my kids. And I love being a Mom! There is no job in the world like it. I haven't posted much about my kids lately, so I'll do one on Mycah today. She is 2 1/2. Extremely independent and quite the fire cracker. She was blessed with a big cheesy grin with big teeth. I have no doubt this one will need braces in the future. She is teeny tiny. Yesterday she weighed 24 lbs and measured 33 1/2 inches. Which puts her at the 10% and lower mark. She got her big brown eyes from me. Her hair? Ok...what hair? I'm waiting for that to happen. I rarely trim it in hopes it will start to grow. It always looks messy! Even if I just combed it. She may be doomed to wear hats for the rest of her life. Her vocabulary is improving quite a bit. She is still hard to understand sometimes, but she's getting better. Too shy to talk around strangers though. Today we got her a "new" winter coat at Kit to Kid. Love that store. And I love used! So cheap, so wonderful. She wanted to wear it, so here she is...wearing her new coat. We've been "practicing" the potty lately. Only most of the time she just doesn't want to try. Here is a video of the task. I'm being pretty lazy with it though. I feel like if I push her too hard she will just get frustrated with the whole process. So for now, we are just practicing. She will do it when she's ready. I thought this was pretty funny.

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