Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Pottie Drama

Mycah (2 1/2) "I poopie Mommy"

Me "Ok. Go get a diaper and we'll change you"

Mycah (walking in back to my room with a diaper) "Here go"

Me "Mycah, where does poop go??"

Mycah "Uhhh, In the pottie."

Me "Right"

Mycah "I wanna poop in the pottie Mom"

Me "You already did in your diaper"
(I check her diaper, no poo)

Me again "Mycah, lets try using the pottie"

Mycah gets her pottie seat, and gives it a try. No go. I leave her nude for a while. She comes running in...

Mycah "I not go on the carpet"

Me "C'mon lets go to the pottie"

Mycah "I want a diaper!"

Me "No, lets be a big girl and poop in the pottie"

Mycah (upset) "I want a diaper!!"

Me "Babies wear diapers. Are you a baby?"

Mycah (more upset) "I not a baby!!"

Me "Big girls use the potty. Don't you want to be a big girl like Dejah?"

Anyway after a tantrum, I give up and put the diaper back on. She goes to time out for having a tantrum. What to do. She knows what needs to happen in the pottie. She even tells me when she has just pooped or wet. I've tried keeping her naked so that she has no choice, but the same thing happens. She wants her diaper and will have a fit till she gets it. I don't want to traumatize her with the experience. I just figure, when she's ready, she'll give up the diaper for cute little underwear. Till then, drama, drama, drama!

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