Friday, November 20, 2009


Ok, so this is not really an interesting post. I really have no great events going on that are deserving of a blog entry...YET. :)
Life is moving just as normal as ever. I guess that's a good thing. Alex is still as busy as ever with School, Work, and Church. Tonight he gets to have the kids all to himself while I get a little girls night to see New Moon.
Dejah is making slow progress in school. I need to get her some really great flash cards and start working with her on her letters so that she passes the test coming up in January. Its been a bit of a struggle for me too. I'm not good at helping her, and I tend to get frustrated, which I'm sure doesn't help. I'm learning that its a process for both of us. Its also really hard juggling the other kids into the mix.
Mycah is getting so much better at Speaking. I'm so proud of her. She's actually pretty smart. We were in the car listening to Christmas music on the radio. A song came on and she instantly said, "Its Charlie Brown!". She was right on! I think she's only seen it a couple times. Now if she could just get pottie training down we'd be in business.
Logan is constantly in a new phase. He HATES cereal! Soon I will try veggies on him and see if he likes those. Alex has trie Ice Cream on him...and do you think he didn't like that??? He LOVES it! Thanks Alex for ruining him :) Anyway, he is rolling pretty good, and he is doing his schedule fabulously.
As for me. Just the same ol stuff, but I wouldn't have it any other way!

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  1. This has nothing to do with this post, though I did read it, I just wanted to say that I LOVE your blog picture! It's great!