Thursday, December 31, 2009

7 Weeks Pregnant

How I'm feeling: A little snappy, especially when I'm hungry. Tired. It hits me in the later afternoon and naps are near to impossible. Breast tenderness. A brutal reminder of one of the worst parts of having a baby. Nausea. Not really here yet. I've had some, but it is quickly remedied with food. We'll see. This should be the week it really hits hard.

My Baby #4: Should be around the size of a blueberry. Is starting to develop limbs, face, and brain. The little tail is starting to shrink. I thought I felt movement the other day, but I'm pretty sure its still too small.


  1. If you felt a blueberry move, then you're better than the princess and the pea!! Just kidding. I do not miss the nausea. But.....I really don't miss much of anything about being pregnant....especially not being able to tie your shoes and not being able to sleep on your back. I'm so ready to be done! Have a fun eight months!!

  2. So exciting that you are almost done Hebs!

  3. Congrats on Baby #4! I know it seems crazy but you will love it when they get a little older and they are so close! :) Good luck with this pregnancy!