Monday, January 11, 2010

8 Weeks Pregnant

I am about 8 weeks into this pregnancy. Morning sickness has come gradually. I pretty much feel nauseous all day. No runs to the toilet yet, but I'm sure I'll get there before this 1st trimester is over. Tired is the name of the game. I couldn't make it through the first meeting at church. I had to come home and crawl in bed. I set the alarm so I could wake up to go get my family. I don't crave anything. In fact the only thing I thoroughly enjoy is Grapefruit. But I've always loved them. For the most part, food makes me cringe, but if I don't eat the nausea is worse. I remember when Kami S announced on her blog when her baby was the size of a Lima Bean. That is right where my #4 is at. This week its sporting new fingers and toes. Today I had my first appointment with the Dr.'s nurse. She took my blood pressure, weight and info, then sent me in for labs. The 26th will be my first Dr. apt. and ultrasound. You think he could see the sex of the baby at 11 weeks??


  1. I don't think he can. It's the fancy ultrasound machines that can do it that early. I have had ultrasounds everyweek since I was 7 weeks I still don't know what mine is. Now I'm done with those so it will be a while before we know what we are having.

  2. Anna,
    Sorry to hear the nausea bug finally bit you! Mine hit me way late - but now I'm getting it full swing. Threw up my first time today. Yuck! Not excited about that. I'm not sure if you'd rather be nauseaus or actually throw up - not sure which one feels worse...
    I'm pretty sure there's no way you could find out the sex of the baby at 11 weeks - the standard is 18-20 weeks. Too bad huh? 11 should be a cool ultrasound though - much cooler than my 7 week lima bean picture! I just hit my 13 week mark - sianara 1st trimester! You'll get there soon - just hang in there! :)
    Talk soon - JOy

  3. So sorry you are feeling sick! That is terrible! I hope it doesn't get worse for you.
    Also love the has been 5 years since I went snowboarding, my own choice :) I am terrible and don't want my hubby to see me all embarrassed :) Also sucky about jury duty. Glad you didn't have to do it.