Monday, January 11, 2010

So Much Catching up to do....Read on....

Where do I begin??? This week was Alex's last week off of work. He has been the HUGEST help to me and I can't begin to thank him enough. He really has been Mr. Mom and deserves a Gold Metal. I am dreading his return to work and schooling.

Jury Duty

Also this last week, I was assigned to Jury Duty. This was a postponement from November. Lucky for me Alex was off. Do you realize that there are NO EXCUSES when it comes to Jury Duty???? My "I'm nursing" excuse back in October only gave me a couple months postponement! It doesn't matter if you are a stay at home Mom and have NO ONE to take on your daily schedule for you. It doesn't matter if you are sick. It doesn't matter if you are related to someone in law enforcement. They don't care if you are pregnant, disabled, or don't have any transportation....YOU MUST REPORT! Crazy huh? And, they have NO sympathy over there. Ok with all that being said, my number was called on Wednesday, only it was put on stand-by, so I didn't know until 9:45 that morning if I was going to be driving into town for Jury Duty, or if Alex and I would get to spend the day at Bogus Basin (via, gift from Alex's Brother and Sister-in-Law). Call made....SKIING!!! Yay.

Snow Skiing

We haven't been skiing/boarding together for two years now, thanks to pregnancy. Even with that we get to go about once a year. Something I really hope to change in the future. A long time ago it used to be "my thing". I loved it! I had season passes and went tons! Having a family truly means sacrifice. For a time at least. I love my kids and I can't wait until they are old enough to come have fun with Alex and I doing the things we always used to do. We had a blast and practically died we are so out of shape. Not to mention skiing prego is interesting. It was beautiful and sunny up above the inversion that blankets Boise. Thankyou Hart and Jory for watching our kiddos.

Twin Falls

Friday morning...last minute, my Sister here in Boise and I decided to surprise our Sister in Twin Falls for a girls day. She is so close to having a baby so I thought she may like to "get out". It was a two hour drive. She was Shocked to see us. We saw her new house, gave her a pedicure, visited alot, then took her out to dinner...her choice. She picked a local restaurant in Twin called Tomato's. Some kind of Italian/Pizza/whatever place. I was going to give a restaurant review (I still may) IT WAS AWFUL!!! Don't go there!!! But it was great to see Heather. :) Now she can have a baby with pretty toes.

Hair Cut

Sunday, our church time has changed to 9am. We love it. Now we can rest during our afternoons. Well, during some "rest", we got up to check on the girls who decided to head outside to play. As we were looking around Alex noticed some scissors in the girls bathroom and some big chunks of hair on the floor!! I was terrified to think it might be Mycah's. The poor girl has no hair as it is. But the length of the hair told me it was Dejah. What would drive her to do such a thing? Anyway, I loaded up my kids and drove out to my Mom's for a visit. While I was there, I gave Dejah a hair cut to "even it out".

Well that is some of my week in a nut shell. I have a few things to add. So I'll do that later.


  1. Sounds like fun to me. And knock on wood. I have never been called for jury duty. KNOCK KNOCK KNOCK!

  2. That's crap about the jury duty. I would be tempted to bring all of the screaming children along and let the court deal with it. If the fact that there is no one else to watch them isn't a good enough reason to be excused, then I guess everyone will have to deal with the crying, yelling children. Jerks.

    Sheri, who once had to do jury duty while very sick and pregnant, and has resented our court system ever since.

  3. You're supposed to post pictures when your kid tries to cut their own hair!! And then more pictures once you've fixed it. :) Thanks for coming to see me this weekend...I really was shocked. Sorry dinner sucked. :)